Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any minimum limit for account opening?
No. At New Peak Securities (Private) Limited there are no minimum limit for account opening.

Do you offer a demo account?
For potential investors View only terminals are provided to give an overview of the application.

How do I open my account?
To open an account, you have to fill complete an account opening from (available from our office and can be downloaded by our website), provide relevant document and submit to our office.

Is there a registration fee or annual fee for members?
No there is no such fee.

Can I transfer my securities from my New Peak Securities A/C to another member’s A/C?
Yes, we will need the CDC account holder’s participant name and ID and also a written request to transfer the security. However, you must ensure that your account isn’t in Debt; otherwise we would not be able to transfer your securities to any other account.

Does New Peak Securities accept physical shares?
Yes, physical shares are acceptable at Sherman Securities. Physical Shares in your name will be converted to CDC Format and transferred to your Account.